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dickwyn's code in place 2021 desk setup for teaching sections

Code in Place 2021 - Section 183

When I saw's tweet about Stanford's Code in Place program, I instinctively knew that I wanted to be a part of it. My mindset coming into the program was simple, I wanted to pay it forward as ever since I graduated and started working in the industry as a Software Engineer, I haven't really participated in community service projects.

I stepped into Chris, Mehran, and Julie's world of Code in Place expecting that I will do a lot of teaching and talking but, I was actually learning more than I was teaching. The conversations that I had with each and every one of you during our weekly Thursday sections reminded me the importance of the fundamental programming concepts.

The questions that I got from all of you like why do we need to re-assign the variable for the while loop to terminate? or how do I improve my typing speed? These questions made me recall a time where I was also in that position where I didn't know what condition I should put on the while loop to make the program work without it crashing on me.

As I have mentioned before, my expertise lies within Front End development. So, if you ever want to try to building websites or mobile apps let me know. I'll be happy to introduce you to my world of Front End Development. If you're looking for other avenues of coding/computer science to explore, I would highly recommend the following places that I have personally used and benefited from in the past.

It's been an absolute pleasure of mine to have guided you through your first encounter with coding/computer science. This is the first time in my life that I'm teaching someone in an online setting and it will definitely not be my last doing something like this. Feel free to connect with me on my socials and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors