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What happened in 2020?

@dickwyn | 8 Feb 2021, 12:01am | 2 min read

In 2020, this blog has taken somewhat of a back set in terms of my attention for it. In total, I wrote a grand total of two blog entries in the whole of 2020 which is actually 1 less blog entry compared to 2019 when I re-launched this blog.

The main reason was honestly just YouTube. From the get-go, I set a personal goal to upload one video every week for the whole year. That meant that I needed to script, film, edit and upload 52 videos to my YouTube channel (subscribe if you haven't already). And that came at the expense of this blog or even the development of this website/portfolio.

But now that 2020 is behind all of us, I have decided to re-dedicate my time to this blog. I still am dedicated to creating YouTube videos. But I'm toning down my upload schedule from 1 video every week to 1 video every other week. This way, I can spend more time mastering each video. And I will also have free time to work on other things like writing blog entries and continuing/starting my programming side projects.

Additionally, while I uploaded 52 videos to YouTube in 2020, they weren't the only video ideas I had in my 'bucket list of videos to make'. Some of the video ideas I had were either out of the channel's scope or it was not worth my time and effort.

With this backlog of video ideas, I plan to convert some of these ideas into blog entries and maybe even podcast episodes? A lot of these video ideas have been outlined, so it's just a matter of expanding on that outline to convert it into a blog entry.

I'm excited to go back to blogging again, this past year of doing YouTube has made me rethink my storytelling approach. In the past, I would spend so much time beating around the bush when I'm writing something and it never occurred to me that that was but until I saw the engagement statistics for my videos.

Now, I'm not putting all the blame for low engagement on my videos directly on the script, but I believe it is part of the equation for creating a great YouTube video. Of course, things like lighting, framing, audio, graphics and b-roll does play a part in video engagement.

So, that is my game plan for this blog in 2021.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my video on the 20 things in 2020. It's directly inspired by my The 3 best things I did in 2019 entry.

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